Track Details

CalSpeed Karting Center

Overhead Shot

Length 3,960 feet (.75 miles)
Width: 30 feet continuous
Straights: 2 - 750 feet & 500 feet
Turns: Up to 15
Surface: Asphalt
Configurations: 6
Top Speed: 90+ MPH

Track Configurations
Course Configurations
Classico Course
Classico is the original track dating back to CalSpeed's origin. Featuring the fast left-right "S" corner, this course keeps a driver on their toes. With 14 turns spread over 5/8 miles of asphalt, Classico is styled after the sprint tracks from karting's early days. Download a track map PDF by clicking here.

Grande Course
Named for its' size and splendor, Grande Course is CalSpeed's trademark. At 3/4 miles in length with 15 turns and 2 straight-aways, Grande challenges beginners and experts alike. With a reputation as a true 'driver's track' this course provides an exciting day of racing with every visit. Download a track map PDF by clicking here.

Nuovo Course
Nuovo was designed at the request of shifter kart racers as a high-speed bypass to the tight hairpin turn. The Nuovo corner, for which the course is named, is an ultra fast left hander that puts a whole new spin on the back straight and certainly separates the rookies from the pros! Download a track map PDF by clicking here.

Sportivo Course
Sportivo made its debut during the 2012 Sport Kart Grands, and quickly became both an Arrive & Drive and Kart Owner favorite. The tricky Sportivo corner, for which the course is named, adds a challenging dynamic as even the most experienced racer navigates both the heavy braking zone and off camber bend with caution! Download a track map PDF by clicking here.

Tecnico course
Like Sportivo, the new Tecnico course made its debut during the annual Sport Karting Grand Nationals, in place for the first time during the 2014 event. The newest of the CalSpeed track layouts, Tecnico makes it's debut this year for kart owners, acting as both the season opener, and season finale track for the Los Angeles Karting Championship. Combining the tricky reverse esses section, followed by an all-new series of corners leading up to the famed Kornakurva corner, this course layout will provide a new challenge, and excellent addition to the diverse CalSpeed list of configurations. Download a track map PDF by clicking here.

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