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Vince Burke [M]
Hometown: Covina, CA
Home Track: CalSpeed Karting
Team Affiliation: T4 Autosport
Grands Experience: 2013- 72nd, best race finish: 6th
Vince is currently on the rise in terms of improvement, capitalizing on his first A-Main appearance in the Super Series last year, with even more consistency and stronger points this year. His Grands debut last year was a big learning experience, but he showed there was potential for great finishes, finishing as high as 6th. The added experience of the past year should see him in the top half of the contest, and in a better place to challenge the front runners regulary.

Daniel De la Calle
Hometown: Burlingame, CA
Home Track: Simraceway / Go Kart Racer
Team Affiliation: NorCal1
Grands Experience: 2013- 29th Overall, best race finish: 2nd x 2
From the start of practice last year, eyebrows were raised from the relatively ‘unknown’ De la Calle, and by the end of the event, he took home the Race Director’s Pick award and a GranStand package for his outstanding performance. Since then he’s been very busy behind the wheel, currently racing a shifter at the Red Line Oil Karting Series at Simraceway. Daniel is sure to be strong again in 2014, and shouldn’t be counted out as a podium threat, if not more…

Ed Lewis [M]
Hometown: Lake Forest, CA
Home Track: CalSpeed Karting
Team Affiliation: N/A
Grands Experience:“Rookie”
With a focus on development since the end of last year, Ed Lewis has seen a steady improvement in pace and consistency, and he is going to get another dose of improvement during the Grands weekend. As with many drivers new to the sport, Lewis enters the event with an eye towards improving his craft first and foremost, and will look to carry what he learns into the rest of the season in the local Super Series.

Steve Jasinski [M]
Hometown: Torrance, CA
Home Track: CalSpeed Karting
Team Affiliation: N/A
Grands Experience: 2012, 2013- 50th, 12th in Masters (2013), best race finish: 4th
Steve has split his time the last couple of years between the Sport Karting world, and running his own karting team at the Los Angeles Karting Championship, giving local hot shoes like Logan Calvin and KC Cook a shot at the next level. During this time he has also set the bar in the Super Series’ Heavy Class, earning the championship last year, and currently leading the points this season.

Dmitry Korotov
Hometown: Union City, CA
Home Track: Lemans Karting
Team Affiliation: Lemans Karting
Grands Experience: “Rookie”
New to the sprint side of things at CalSpeed Karting, Dmitry is no stranger to wheel to wheel racing at the venue, having raced at last year’s Machismo 12 Hour enduro. Successfully. Helping his team score a podium finish in the Pro Class, he should definitely be strong on Super Sunday, as along with other endurance specialists, may excel in the longer races requiring pit stops.

Mike Birkle [M]
Hometown: Charlotte, NC
Home Track: Victory Lane Karting
Team Affiliation: Victory Lane Karting
Grands Experience: 2013- 99th, best race finish: 20th x 2
Mike has grown into a very consistent driver, something that has a lot to do with his success as an endurance driver, scoring victory in marquee events like the Victory Lane Karting 24 Hour event. Returning to the Grands in 2014, this event is all about the measuring stick, and just how high up the charts this accomplished racer can get.

Wes Dent
Hometown: Livermore, CA
Home Track: Umigo / CalSpeed Karting
Team Affiliation: NorCal1
Grands Experience: 2013- 58th Overall, best race finish: 7th
Wes’ debut at last year’s Sport Kart Grand Nationals, was also his debut into CalSpeed sprint racing, and given the lack of prior experience, he showed well, scoring a high finish of 7th. The Wes Dent that enters the 2014 edition is a bit different; with a handful more Super Series races and the rookie championship point lead under his belt going in, here is a driver with only one direction to go, and that’s up the standings…

Steve Lattanzi [M]
Hometown: Phoenix, AZ
Home Track: Octane Raceway
Team Affiliation: Team Titanium
Grands Experience: 2012, 2013- 29th, 5th in Masters (2012), best race finish 7th x 3
One of the stalwart supporters of sport karting that could ever be found, Steve Lattanzi is also quite the driver in his own right. While the 2013 event didn’t go as planned, Steve was one of the most consistent Masters drivers to be found in 2012. With a mind for strategy, as well as skill in the endurance end of things, Steve can put up some really good numbers once Super Sunday hits, where pit stop strategy and consistency on the long run pay off.

Kirk Feldkamp
Hometown: Costa Mesa, CA
Home Track: CalSpeed Karting
Team Affiliation: S3/GranStand
Grands Experience: 2012, 2013- 11th Overall (2012), best race finish 1st x 2
Kirk is one of the outright fastest drivers during the Sport Kart Grands, backing up that fact with a record tying 4 poles, along with 2 fastest lap honors to go along with his pair of wins. Consistency is what kept him towards the top of the standings in 2012, and given his consistency so far in the local Super Series (where he sits 7th overall), things are looking favorable for the 2014 edition of the event…

Nick Marascio
Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
Home Track: CalSpeed Karting
Team Affiliation: Arkham Motorsports
Grands Experience: “Rookie”
New to CalSpeed late in 2013, it hasn’t been till the past couple of rounds that Nick has come alive, putting in career performances that culminated in an A-Main berth this past Super Series event. Peaking at the right time is important in any championship, and if he is hitting his stride just now, it is some really good timing. A driver with a lot of potential, the Grands weekend could be when we see this potential realized to its fullest.


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