Event Details

Stratos Kart

CalSpeed Sport Kart

CalSpeed Club Kart

Winter 4-Hour

Entry Fees
Sport Class (270cc): $700
Club Class (390cc): ---

Petit Machismo 6-Hour

Entry Fees
Sport Class (270cc): $900
Club Class (390cc): $1200

Machismo 12-Hour

Entry Fees
Sport Class (270cc): $1800
Club Class (390cc): $2500

2013 Endurance Events

Petit Machismo 6-Hour - April 13, 2013
Machismo 12-Hour - September 27/28, 2013
Winter 4-Hour - December 14, 2013
Team Endurance Racing

CalSpeed Karting Center puts on numerous team endurance events throughout each calendar year ranging from 4, 6, and even 12-hours in duration. Generally, teams of 3 to 6 drivers will come together to enter our endurance events to compete against upwards of 30 other teams for the day. Throughout each race, teams are required to manage their own fuel strategies, kart swaps, and driver changes. Our Endurance events utilize a combination of our 270cc Sport Karts and our 390cc Club Karts, with all maintenance and mechanical support performed by CalSpeed staff, allowing teams to focus primarily on their driving and strategy to help get them to the top step.

Events: Petit Machismo 6-HR, Machismo 12-HR, and Winter 4-HR
Team Size:  1 to 6 Drivers Per team
Format: 1 Hour Team Practice/Qualifying + Race
Team Weight:  All Teams Ballasted to 200lb Average
Safety Gear:  Jacket, Helmet, and Gloves Provided at No Additional Cost
The History Of Machismo
Indy.  Le Mans. Monaco.   To the average onlooker, these are simply motor racing events.  To those most intimate with their nuances, they transcend time and evoke a passion bordering on obsession.  Whether standing atop the podium in 1967 or 2007, to earn victory here is a championship in and of itself. To win is vindication, a tangible acknowledgement of greatness, and an open invitation into the most exclusive of company.  To come close and fall short is heartbreak, agony, and utter despair.While the Machismo Enduro doesn’t yet have the same mass brand recognition (or revenue stream for that matter) as those legendary events mentioned above, there is a definite aura surrounding the race that draws a similar passion from those looking to conquer it. In it’s brief but storied existence, the race has drawn team’s from several continents, speaking several languages, all seeking a single win… but only a select few have found what they came looking for.

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