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 BOB NILES - 1941-2021
Robert Niles Sr -better known as Bob Niles at CalSpeed- was a staple at the Fontana based facility, acting as the Lead Mechanic, Engine
builder, Maintenance man... basically the doer of all things. Even before CalSpeed was a thing, Bob was an integral part of the traveling series of kart racing built by his son, Rob. That business -Karting Ventures- would eventually find a permanent home outside of Turn 4 at California Speedway, and much of it was built up “brick by brick” by Bob’s own two hands. A wealth of knowledge that ranged from carpentry, to electronics, mechanics, and plumbing... it seemed there was nothing he could
not do, and when he got behind the wheel of a kart, he proved he knew how to do that just as well. Part of the heart and soul of the CalSpeed Kart Track, Bob Niles will be remembered not only as one of the smartest people in the paddock, but also one of the nicest. With 80 years of stories and a sense of humor that could have you rolling with laughter, he always had time to either give you a hand with a project, or share a funny memory of one of the first hundred times he had had to fix what you were fixing. All of us at CalSpeed are saddened by his passing, but his legacy will live on as part of our DNA, and will always be our MVP for years to come...

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