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Martinez in third. That gap was bolstered for a lap via James Lieser making his way past Martinez for third, but then it would be pretty evenly matched amongst the front six or so drivers, which included fellow winter contenders Brett Lopinsky and Jeremy Aldridge. The leaders traded off quick laps but all the while stayed fairly evenly spaced out, with Fox maintain the lead over McNeel and Lieser, Martinez and Lopinsky Holding on, while Aldridge started to slip off the back of the train. When the quintet took the white flag they were nose-to-tail, and the move would come, but not for the lead; instead it would be Lieser on McNeel into turn 4, but then contact from Martinez would see the pair wide, and after the double under-cut in the final complex it was Martinez, McNeel, Lopinsky, and Lieser. This was all behind the leader however, and Chris Fox was able to cap off a near-perfect race to score his first career win, and his second podium of the year. For his part, Martinez would be relegated off the podium for his contact with Lieser, but it would still be enough to clinch his first CalSpeed title as the Winter Series champ!
The CalSpeed Sprint Series is already SOLD OUT for round #6, taking to the Sportivo circuit on June 4th, which will also be the start to the Summer Sub-Championship!

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