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spot, and hold onto the lead for the opening two circuits with Prieto, Ayrton Demoss, Paulo Franca and Max Demoss in tow.
On lap three the attack came from Demoss, slotting into the lead from P3, with Prieto holding on, Franca came through to 3rd and Fite slipping down the order to 4th. They’d run that way for a couple of laps before Franca made his move to the runner up position, the catalyst probably coming from Ayrton beginning to pull away. Once Paulo made it by it was clear that he had the pace, and over the next almost 10 laps he slowly began to reel in the leader and was in position to challenge for the win with a couple laps to play. And challenge he did, sizing up Demoss and applying plenty of pressure in the final laps, but Demoss would not put a wheel wrong, claiming his third career win, and his second podium in a row. While Franca had to settle for 2nd, it was his 4th podium of the year, and a solid points day for him in the championship.
Behind the fight for the win was a huge battle for third; Prieto had it at first with Fite and the elder Demoss right there with him, but things really started to heat up right about the halfway point. Demoss would attack and take over in third, then have to fight off fellow Masters driver Diego Morales and several others before securing his first career podium in the Super Series.
The CalSpeed Super Series returns for round #7 July 17th, taking on the Nuotivo layout for the second and final time of the year.
Grand Masters Points
Masters Points
 1. Diego Morales 2. Max Demoss 3. Jose da Silva 4. Doug Yauney 5. Evan Lawrence
1381 (312) 1324 (269) 1310 (314) 1299 (292) 1293 (265)
  1. John Rice
2. Tony Wika
3. Mike Carlson 4. Vince Azua 5. Jeff Latimer
1232 (277) 987 (202) 893 (132) 821 (173) 664 (116)
1. Diego Alvarado 2. Evan Lawrence 3. Donnie Clarke 4. John Rice
5. Carl Zhu
1296 (294) 1293 (265) 1288 (271) 1232 (277) 1101 (177)
Sportsman Points

   17   18   19   20   21